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"A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded."
- Abraham Lincoln.

12/4/98 Been a long time since I updated anything, but added a new article in the info section today. It's about the Dept. of Justice measure to reschedule marijuana back in 1988. Old in content but interesting none the less. Screensaver on hold cause of a HD crash. I'm outta here!
6/2/98 Horray! We won an award! Gray Areas Magazine has presented us with the "Gray Areas on the Net" award for June 2, 1998.
Thanx to all, and have many happy 4:20's!
5/28/98 Submit more stories and etiquette, for we're running out of stuff very quick.
Also, Rütabega® is programming a Windows95 screensaver for The Green Trance. Keep your eyes peeled!


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